Kick start your weight loss

ORBERA® is a managed weight loss program that can help people who have to lose 10-15kg* and have been previously unsuccessful using standalone diets or courses of diet pills.

Is it for me?

* Weight loss results vary from person to person.

What is my BMI?

Use the BMI Calculator to help determine whether you should be taking action towards a healthier lifestyle.

What is the ORBERA® journey?

No matter what your goal, the ORBERA® Managed Weight Loss System could help you. It has a 12 month weight loss support programme and is designed to support your lifestyle changes and help you lose weight with a kick start.

  • Deciding if ORBERA®
    is right for me
  • Preparing for
  • Losing weight
    with ORBERA®
  • After ORBERA®
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*Weight loss results vary from person to person.